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The International 'Art in the Media' Prize

In order to encourage art critiques, which, in addition to being of high quality also reach a wide audience, the Foundation has decided to make three biennial awards for outstanding critical reviews or essays published in the media on the subject of fine arts.
These critical comments will be awarded one of three prizes donated by the Foundation
- The Prize for print media and multimedia (including digital media)
- The Prize for audiovisual media (radio and television)
- The Encouragement Prize, specially intended to reward a new initiative in art critique in one of the two above-mentioned fields .
Entries for the Awards should relate to subjects or issues that have a direct link with the promotion of fine arts in the Benelux countries, France, Germany and the United Kingdom (artists, works, exhibitions, museums, etc.).

Download here the Rules. (English version)
Download here the Rules. (German version)

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